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The Chick Corea Academy


Chick has had many people come to him over the years with questions.

The questions he’d receive the most seemed to be common to a handful of areas:

  • How to improve one’s instrumental technique
  • How to learn and use music notation
  • How to work with chord symbols
  • How to compose or “originate” one’s own music Improving one’s ability to improvise
  • How to compose and arrange music properly
  • How to organize one’s workflow as a musician
  • What one can do to “find his own voice"

He set about to answer these questions and more by writing the book, A Work in Progress… On Being a Musician.

But even having done so, there was still so much ground to cover on these topics and numerous others. And as the name “A Work in Progress” indicates, learning new ways and reforming old ways with the objective of continued improvement is a constant activity.

While Chick doesn’t have as his purpose to “teach” art, he does enjoy helping others wherever he can. And from his experience, he knows that there are, indeed, workable approaches and techniques that one can use to improve one’s craft.

And much, much more!


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The Chick Corea Academy is a global association for the advancement of Music and Art - with special instruction in music theory and performance.

Chick Corea Academy is not merely an instructive, one-way learning platform. This is a live community constructed with the purpose of being able to interact with one another and with Chick — composed of musicians, artists, fans and anyone that finds themselves interested in learning from one of the most celebrated and accomplished musicians of our time.


When you subscribe to the Chick Corea Academy, you gain access to the following:


With your Chick Corea Academy subscription, you’ll also receive a PDF copy of Chick’s book, A Work in Progress... On Being a Musician, and access to all current and future flagship Chick Corea workshops, which include:

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The Essentials:

Over 8 hours of video sessions filmed over the course of three days, this workshop covers the whole gamut of in-demand topics, such as: how to choose your bandmates, creating your own scales, avoiding pitfalls that stifle creativity, breaking free of “forms”, practice techniques… and so much more. No matter what instrument you play, this comprehensive video series is sure to inspire and enhance your musicianship.

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Chick Corea - The Piano:

This is a deep dive into Chick’s approach to the piano itself. Whether it’s on the subject of rhythm & time, harmony & voicings, composing, improvising, practicing or even recording: you’re bound to find this workshop an invaluable resource.

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The Art of the Trio:

There’s a specific art to mastering the trio, and Chick lays it all out in this workshop. He’s joined by his “Vigilette” trio — Carlitos Del Puerto on bass and Marcus Gilmore on drums; with special guest, 15-time Grammy winner and Chick’s frequent duet partner, Béla Fleck joining them later on.


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Vault Releases:

Chick’s vault is an archive of rare recordings, beginning in the 70s and spanning up to the present. Each recording falls into the category of either “very hard to find”, “not yet available to the public”, or “never having been released before”. You’re bound to recognize the acts and bands that are included in these releasesyou may have even seen their live show and wondered if there would ever be a recording released. You’ll also find experimental projects that have never been aired at all.


Community Discussion and AskChick: 

A community forum intended for interaction amongst community members, on any topic so desired, and a separate board for messages intended for Chick himself.

And, for just a taste, these are a few of the topics that you can expect to be covered:

  • Theory, techniques, exercises, dexterity drills for improving your piano-playing
  • Approaches you can take on any instrument to improve continually
  • How to get the most out of practicing your instrument
  • How to accompany a soloist
  • How to accompany a vocalist
  • How to put a band together 
  • How to gain an understanding of how simple music notation actually is
  • How to best understand and use chord symbols
  • In-depth looks at composing and arranging
  • The ongoing discussion on how to improvise

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Maybe you find yourself stuck in a creative rut. Maybe you stopped playing your instrument a few years ago and want to get back into it with more "tools” at your disposal this time.

Or maybe you just simply want to improve as a musician—whether as a beginner, hobbyist or professional. Chick’s goal is to help enable you to find your own way, and to share with you his own approaches and techniques in the field of music which have helped turn him into the musician he is today.


As part of Chick Corea Academy, we will use the CC basic book on music, A Work in Progress... On Being a Musician.

 This short book contains all the essential methods and ideas that I use to make music. It can be used as a reference for the workshops and sessions that I will deliver in the Academy. 

The CC Academy is not a school or university in the traditional sense. There are no exams and no grades or graduations. The atmosphere is informal, and unlike school and university, there are no tests that require memorization since one of the basic goals of the Academy is to encourage the members to think for themselves and to apply what they learn. 

I believe there is no limit to how much one can achieve – or how able and competent one can become. Therefore, I like to regard the Academy’s activities and development a “work in progress” – the same way I regard my own music and life. 

I will attempt to balance theory with practical application in the form of performance. I've seen that results can only be judged by each individual Academy member, observing his or her own progress towards their determined musical goals. Every artist should learn to use his own judgement and think for himself. 

Finally, my overall purpose for the Academy could be expressed like this: I want to encourage those who have the desire to create Music and Art to go for it and do it as a professional life’s pursuit or simply as an enjoyable hobby. I have observed that the more art and music there is in a family or a community, the more pleasant and livable it is. The creative impulse is basic to all human beings. It just needs to be recognized and nurtured to grow into something beautiful. 

Welcome to the CC Academy – Work in Progress – Association. Let’s make Music & Art.


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Chick is the fourth-most-nominated artist in the history of the Grammys, with 65 nominations. He's also earned 3 Latin Grammy Awards, the most of any artist in the Best Instrumental Album category.

From straight-ahead to avant-garde, bebop to fusion, children's songs to chamber music, along with some far-reaching forays into symphonic works, Chick has touched an astonishing number of musical bases in his illustrious career while maintaining a standard of excellence that is awe-inspiring. A tirelessly creative spirit, Chick continues to forge ahead, continually reinventing himself in the process.


All lessons will be available on your computer or a phone/tablet, so you can keep learning from Chick anywhere you go!

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My intention in doing this is mainly to help artists and musicians do whatever they want to do.

I want to have a world that just has more artists in it.

You don’t have to be a ‘professional’ or making your living that way, but more people who are active in the arts one way or another.

That’s my intention.

— Chick


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He completely devastated the landscape. It was like scorched earth — so musical, so powerful, so incredibly virtuosic.

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Ranks among the top few in his mastery of jazz dialects. One of the first players to fully exploit the potential of electric instruments.

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Chick is my guy — the musician I would want to play with, if there was anybody I could play with, or learn from.